DOWSFIIT Plan: £20

A months membership to my online community where you gain access too;

-  Bodyweight HIIT, CORE focussed, upper&lowerbody weights classes

- HIIT on DEMAND to catch up at your convenience 

- Access to a range of healthy and tasty recipes  

- Continuous support and guidance from myself and the DOWSFIIT community. 

+ Plus more

Enjoy being a part of a like minded team

Sign up today! 

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6 Week training programme helping you build a positive relationship with exercise and food. 

All workouts can be done from HOME with little or no equipment (I can alter the plan to fit around what equipment you have and your needs)

Simple changes making a BIG difference. 

You can expect:


- 24/7 support through the online platform and app 

- A fully structured calendar so you know exactly what your doing when

- Nutritional guidance and support through the linked 'My fitness pal' app 

- Workouts that are fun, easy to follow and very achievable. 

- Daily tasks to keep you accountable such as;

 * Steps 

 * Calories 

Return of the gym - £100

6 week GYM BASED plan. This is the perfect plan if you are just starting out in the gym for;

- The first time ever 

- The first time in a while or 

- Want a fully structured plan of workouts and progressive sessions. 

Look, feel and be confident with this plan. 

Everything you need is here, all downloadable in your own app! 

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