The monthly DOWSFIIT plan gives you exclusive access to a library of workouts, exercise tutorials, recipes and of course our live workout videos every week.

DOWSFIIT Plan: £12.99

A months membership to my online community where you gain access too;

-  Up to X3 workouts a week,

1. Full body blast (using bodyweight, DB's & Kb's).

2. UPPERBODY - focussed weighted class

3. LOWERBODY - focussed weighted class 

Each month has a 'focus', which can be CORE strength, MOBILITY or even DAILY MOVEMENT. 

- Library of workouts to choose from - so you can workout anytime, anywhere!

- Access to a range of healthy and tasty recipes  

- Continuous support and guidance from myself and the DOWSFIIT community. 

- Monthly challenges helping you stay fit, motivated and happy with your subscription.

Enjoy being a part of a like minded team and sign up today!

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    Buy in bulk and workout for less
    Valid for one month

    Every month
    One month's access to Workouts, tutorials and tasty food.
     7 day free trial
    • Bodyweight HIIT workouts
    • Upperbody Weights
    • Lowerbody weights
    • Exercise tutorials
    • Quick and easy meal ideas

The plan auto renews every month. If you want to stop you must cancel it.