THE FIIT PLAN                                   £500


Look, Feel and be confident with this 6 week weights based HIIT plan.


This pre structured day to day plan helps give you structure, routine and confidence when walking into the gym or lifting weights from home.


It's the perfect plan for those who; 

- Have never been on a training programme 

- Have spent a 'while' away from weights based training and want to ease themselves back into it

- Are looking for a new routine and new workouts. 

You want to change your training programme every 8-12 weeks, so if you have been stuck in the same routine mindlessly for longer than 12 weeks, It's time to shake things up, and this plan is perfect for that! 

Want that little bit extra?

Add on - Personal Training:

X2 30minute sessions per week of your plan


additional payment

" It was so easy to follow, I could walk into the gym with confidence as I knew exactly what I was doing"
" I found that after just 6 weeks I had increased my upperbody strength, looked firmer but most importantly, felt SO much stronger and more confident"
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weekly tick sheet to keep you on track


A reminder that simple changes, make a BIG difference