Look, Feel and be confident with this 6 week weights based plan.


This pre structured day to day plan helps give you structure, routine and confidence when walking into the gym.


It's the perfect plan for those who; 

- Have never been on a training programme 

- Have spent a 'while' away from the gym and want to ease themselves back into it

- Are looking for a new routine and new workouts. 


You want to change your training programme every 8-12 weeks, so if you have been stuck in the same routine mindlessly for longer than 12 weeks, It's time to shake things up, and this plan is perfect for that! 

" It was so easy to follow, I could walk into the gym with confidence as I knew exactly what I was doing"
" I found that after just 6 weeks I had increased my upperbody strength, looked firmer but most importantly, felt SO much stronger and more confident"
I am here to support you every step of the way
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weekly tick sheet to keep you on track

A reminder that simple changes, make a BIG difference

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