6 WEEK ONLINE HIIT PLAN                    £100

All your needs in one plan. This pre structured day to day plan helps you get more active on a daily basis, gives you different, varied workouts and progresses your fitness over time.  


We track and review your food intake making small, sustainable changes each week to help you reach your ultimate weight loss goal.

Even better, you can see ALL of you plan and daily to-do's, right from your phone from the app.

" I lost 6lbs in the first 2 weeks without really feeling like i'd changed much, It felt so easy"
" I loved it from day one, the workouts were quick, achievable and fun, I actually looked forward to them"
I am here to
support you
every step of
the way



additional payment

ADD ON - some face to face PT

X2 30min sessions per week of your plan

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weekly tick sheet to keep you on track

A reminder that simple changes, make a BIG difference

Keeping you fit since 2017