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Scroll down to meet your influencers and trainers who's job it is to make sure you enjoy your training with us, answer any questions you have about your journey, and most importantly, reach your desired goals. 

Josh Dowson


HIIT Trainer and

Chief motivator 

Believes that HIIT is the ultimate form of training. Whether it be bodyweight, functional or weights focussed. HIIT gives you more intensity, increased burn and fun, in a shorter amount of time

Marlena Szymaniak 

HIIT Trainer

Marlena is her name, HIIT is her game. Another enthusiast for HIIT based training. She puts a big focus on building strong legs and glutes - Ladies, step this way! 

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- Strength

- Weight loss

- HIIT training

- Sport specific development

- Pre + Post natal exercise

- Recipe Ebook

- Online Community

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- Outdoor exercise

- Rehabilitation

- Online Coaching

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