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Who Are We

What do I offer? 

A private training studio located just 10 minutes from Penrith in Lazonby. 

I offer; 

1-1 coaching - Perfect for rehab, building strength and improving your fitness

2-1 coaching - all the above, with a friend, helping you share the energy, increasing motivation and making moving more, more fun! 

Group PT - between 3 and 10 of you all with similar intentions. Move more, build strength, have fun! 


FIITROOM Lazonby - fitness class with it all! Using DBs, KB’s, Barbells and functional fitness equipment you can be sure to leave feeling pumped up and refreshed! 

LONGEVITY - A class focussing on lengthening and strengthening! Ease muscle tension through dynamic stretches, build strength through controlled weights and movement and create a solid platform by doing core exercises! 


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