Welcome, to a stronger, fitter looking upper-body!

Great choice of workout today I must say. Get your sweat towel and water at the ready! 


Filmed - 12-1-21

Perfect mixture of weights and cardio! Get this one DONE

Filmed - 26-1-21

PHIIT'ing right from the off with the weighted movements, so get ready! 

Filmed - 9/2/21

Another mega workout - High HR, sweaty brow and some pumped muscles! 

Filmed - 19/1/21

Workout based around Tri-set's. Great shoulder pump! 

Filmed - 2/2/21

If a shoulder pump and high HR is what you're looking for,

HIIT the play button on this one!

Filmed - 16/2/21

Wowza, a personal favourite - looking for a quick, intense

upper-body pump? Click go on this!


Upper-body HIIT 

This workout not only gives your upper-body a pump, but helps that heart rate soar! 

The TABATA warm up in this workout is the perfect mix.

Upper-body BLAST 

Start with a bodyweight round to loosen off and find your rhythm, Then pick up your DB's and find that pump! 

Upper-body BURN 

A Warm up that has it all - bodyweight start followed by a DB Tri-set to really fire up that Upper-body.

Get your water bottle handy, We're right into this one! 

Upper-body HIIT 2 

The Perfect Mix - quick bodyweight round to kick things off, met by a tasty weighted TABATA to get those muscle pumped! 

This workout gives you everything you want and need!

Filmed 24/11/20

Upper-body TRI-SET'S 

A short warm up letting those shoulders say hello, followed by X3 TRI-SET rounds givign your upper-body the ultimate workout and burn. You'll finish this workout with some tasty TABATA



A steady warm up, increasing blood flow and getting shoulders warm. 

Moving into some conditioned rounds testing your upper-body's strength & endurance! 

Upper-body MIX 

Get your DB's handy as the warm up gets you lifting weights right from the get go! 

This class will leave you with a high HR, pumped muscles and a big smile!  

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